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NutriMost: Mojo In The Morning's Diet and Weight Loss Plan

The NutriMost weight loss program has been trusted by thousands in helping them achieve their fitness goals and effectively keep weight off.

All throughout Southeast Michigan, we’ve seen people young and old find success in our diet program, with each of them having an inspiring story of how they were able to do it. One of the most successful stories we’ve seen comes from a popular radio personality: Mojo, host of Mojo in the Morning on Channel 95.5 in Detroit!

How Did Nutrimost Help Mojo Lose 58lbs?

As someone who has struggled with losing weight and getting healthy, Mojo was looking for a solution that would finally get him the long-term results he wanted. “I was turned onto NutriMost by a friend,” says Mojo. “Losing weight was something I knew I needed to do because I wanted to stay healthy for my kids.” With that goal in mind, Mojo started his NutriMost journey at the Ideal You Weight Loss Center in Metro Detroit in January 2017.

One of the biggest challenges that Mojo had always faced was figuring out which foods were the right and wrong ones to eat to help lose weight. “That was one thing that surprised me a lot when I sat with Dr. Stanley at the beginning. There were a lot of foods that I loved that I found out my body wasn’t metabolizing.” When on the NutriMost diet, a personalized plan is developed that outlines which organic foods are the most effective in promoting your metabolism, which in turn aids in burning storage fat. These foods, along with natural, whole food supplements, helps your body stay in a constant state of fat burning that keeps off fat that’s hardest to burn. As opposed to losing muscle or water weight, the NutriMost diet aims to eliminate fat that is at your core.

How Does Nutrimost Work?

In addition to losing storage fat, the NutriMost plan eliminates the heavy cravings that usually occur in other diet programs. This is thanks to the combination of organic foods and supplements that provide a balanced distribution of essential nutrients that keeps the body from being deprived of elements that stop hunger. Furthermore, because the NutriMost program propels the body into a constant state of fat burning, the need for exercise is reduced. Strenuous workouts and intense physical activity are not required on the NutriMost diet.

Mojo In the Mornings Weight Loss Results

The results Mojo experienced from the NutriMost weight loss plan have been amazing. Within the first 40 days of the program, he was able to lose 58 pounds. With the new lifestyle he’s gained from the program, he’s seen even more success since finishing. “The experience helped transform me into a new kind of person. I don’t even like calling it a diet. It feels more like a detox. When I sat down with Dr. Stanley in the beginning, I never thought I would be able to lose the type of weight that I lost. This is the one diet program that will help someone lose weight for good.”

Mojo is just one of many that have been able to achieve the healthiest version of themselves through the NutriMost program. If you are ready to lose stubborn weight effectively and gain a new set of tools to keep yourself healthy, then it’s time to get started with NutriMost Michigan.

“The biggest thing that you’re going to have to figure out where you’re going to be buying all the new clothes you’re going to be able to fit into! I’ll always be in support of Dr. Stanley’s amazing team and the NutriMost diet.”

Join Mojo and thousands of other Metro Detroiters who have taken back their lives and gotten healthier with the help of NutriMost. To schedule a consultation at one of our offices, call 1-800-IDEAL-YOU or register on our site for a consultation today!

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